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Hi. I'm Erlijne, and I used to play board games with friends. Then there was a lock-down, and then I landed myself in a burn-out, and all of that meant I hardly had any opportunity or energy to play with friends.

I resorted to playing board games on my own. And that's when I discovered a world of fantastic solo modes. There were brain burners that let me play at my own pace. There were calm games that made my brain relax. There were short games to quickly steady myself when I was feeling overwhelmed, and there were longer games that helped me stay focussed where in real life I could not.

I'm in a much better place now. I'm working again, I'm taking care of my family, and I play board games. Sometimes with friends, but mostly solo. And I'm loving every minute.



Want to know what I'm playing? Check out my IG page, go to my BGG account or check back here to see thumbnails of my recently played  games.  And if you think I'm missing a brilliant game based on what I'm playing, let me know!

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