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Space Park - quick rondel game with beautiful artwork

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Game: Space Park

Designer: Henry Audubon

Publisher: Keymaster Games

Player count: 1-4

Set-up time: 2-3 minutes

Play length: ± 10 minutes

Win condition: win/loss: race to 20 points before the deck runs out

AI/automa: yes

Space Park components: rocket, the modular board and resources in the background

how the solo game works

In Space Park you'll compete against Scout who will keep you from getting resources and will speed up the game by flipping a badge card every turn. Flip a card? Move Scout to the corresponding destination. Flip the same colour after? Move all rockets one space clockwise. Flip a forbidden badge? Do the same. It's enough to mess up your strategy and keep you on your toes, because depending on where you can fulfill your contracts, it can take a lot of turns to get there, and time is always running out.

Space Park components: two parts of the modular board, Fusion Falls and Celestial Seas

solo rulebook

Solo rules are quickly explained in the back.

missing in solo

The mechanisms rondel, contracts and set collection are unchanged. In multi-player there is a bonus associated with controlling Scout that is missing in solo, since you're always working against Scout.

solo thoughts


It is quick to set up, does not require a lot of space on the table, is easy to bring with you on holiday and is the perfect filler. The simple blocking mechanism makes it a fantastic puzzle, especially when you'll flip a card the same colour as the previous, have to move all of the rockets forward and see your exit strategy go up in flames. Plus: the artwork.

Space Park components: the contract cards


There's a bit of luck invlolved in drawing cards to move Scout around, which feels a bit take that-y.

house rules

None are needed, but I usually make a point of not blind drawing badge cards, so as not to run through the deck too quickly. That deck will run out fast enough on its own, without you speeding up the process.


Space Park can be brutal, but my win percentage is around 65% (according to BG Stats) so it's sunny with a chance of rain sort of brutal. I definitely recommend this game for its rondel + contracts mechanism, the beautiful art and the quick set-up and play.

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